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    See your images in a whole new light.
    Your site's images are worth thousands of dollars in potential ad revenues. AdMarker helps you monetize those images with more relevant, less intrusive ads.


Our innovative technology analyses page content, with a specific focus on images. It's capable of recognizing and tagging everything from objects, to brands, and even hair color, through the power of machine learning. This information is then used to find relevant ads that are directly related to the content within any image.

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AWARE ADSHyper relevant ad placements

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Audience Analysis

AD EXPERIENCESDesigned to entice and engage

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Programmatic RTB

AD TRACKINGIn-depth ad performance reporting

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How Does it Work?

In-image ads can take multiple forms, from ads that only pop up when a user hovers his mouse over the image, to ads that turn the entire image into a rich media display. Regardless of their format, however, all in-image advertising works by drawing readers' attention to the content's central image, then triggering an ad that's relevant to the content of that image.
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VIEWABLEAds only serve inline with content where it can be seen.

ENGAGINGCustom creative and video creates impact and lifts key metrics.

RELEVANTTechnology and data to reach your audience in the right context.

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