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AdMarker has helped countless advertisers massively increase
their advertising ROI by providing more relevant spaces for their ad messages.
The AdMarker platform was designed to scan millions of potential positions to identify those that best fit your ad.

Better ad placements for higher ROIs

Turn attention into engagement.

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Integrated advertising that gets seen

While most display ads are positioned around a website's content, AdMarker places ads directly inside the images on each page. This is often the first place readers will look when arriving on a new page.

Better context = better returns

Progressive advertisers are quickly learning the value of contextually relevant ad placements. By partnering with AdMarker, you can expect increased viewability, engagement and returns on every campaign you run.

Unparalleled Transparency

AdMarker gives advertisers access to thorough reporting dashboards where every impression, view, and pop is available for analysis. Advertisers can experiment with a variety of different ad types, from subtle pin ads, to image cover ads.

Ads that readers want to engage with

Designed for the next generation of web users, AdMarker ads prioritize the reader experience, which means that your brand is never associated with annoying pop-ups or obtrusive placements. Ad types like AdMarker's pin ads work by piquing a reader's interest with a pulsing icon, and the ad is only revealed once a user has demonstrated interest by hovering over the pin.