Interactive In-image Advertising Platform

About AdMarker

Originally founded in New York US in 2014 as AdMarker. Currently work in Europe, Middle East, Africa.
AdMarker is a semantic programmatic platform with contextual analysis technology and Big Data analytics to create an intelligent In-Image platform


AdMarker operates under the certain knowledge that all great discoveries occur within unchartered territories. Fueled by a spirit of pure innovation, AdMarker's professional team is always looking forward to the next creative frontier.

Our Mission.

AdMarker's experienced team of technological innovators is dedicated to providing exceptional value for our publishing and advertising clients while offering web users and consumers state-of-the-art interactive applications that allow them to shop, surf, comment and network directly from an online image.


Big ideas are all well and good, but the final product is everything. AdMarker is committed to finishing what we start and delivering what we promised.



Sarper Kocabiyik - CEO & Founder

AdMarker Team - Sarper Kocabiyik - CEO & Founder Sarper Kocabiyik, Founder President and CEO: A senior software engineer and entrepreneur with over 15 years of coding and business management experience. In 2001, he founded and managed his own online technology consulting company, Domino Media Inc. which had been very successful since its inception, serving major brands such as Pepsi, Kia and SoBe Energy Drinks, as well as high profile celebrities, and foundationsRead More >


Ali Demircioglu - CTO & Founder

AdMarker Team - Ali Demircioglu - CTO & Founder Senior Software Developer & System Architect - Bilisim Ltd. since June 2001, Team Leader at UYAP of Turkish Ministry of Justice, awarded by UN – UNPA, System Architect at Automation Project of Republic of Turkey, Directorate of Civil Aviation, Technical Leader of Business Intelligence R&D Project
Expert in: PHP, C++, Java languages, Oracle, MySQL, MS SQL Server RDBMS, Data Warehouse Design, Apache Hadoop Ecosystem, J2EE, .NET Platforms
Experienced in: Image RecognitionRead More >

Mert Cakmak - VP Engineering & Founder

Mert Cakmak - VP Engineering & Founder Bilisim Ltd. Software Development, Front-end Development, Marketing Communications, Research & Development on Business Intelligence
Expert in: Frontend Development, Software Development, User Experience.