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In-image : Pin Ad

Pin ad unintrusive advertising, in-image spot advertising

AdMarker unintrusive spot advertising unit. Hovering the mouse over to the customizable icon will pop-up the hidden advertisements that are linked to the object. 80% Viwebility and 3.4% CTR (Click through Rate)

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In-image : Overlay

Overlay unintrusive advertising, in-image iab standard unit

Incorporate the in-image placement into your site images and galleries for incremental revenue. The display unit slides smoothly on top of the media, with variations both under and above it.

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In-image : Image Cover

image cover in-image advertising, image native advertising

The Image cover turns an entire photo into a contextually relevant,
engaging 5-second rich media ad.

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In-page : Floor

In page floor display unit

The unit remains in-view as the user is scrolling through the content. Responsively designed for all desktop and mobile screens and increasing viewability and driving higher engagement.

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