Boost ad revenues without
compromising brand equity


Most online advertising is designed to distract readers from the content they're there to enjoy. AdMarker gives publishers a way to show visitors hyper-relevant in-image ads that are directly related to the content around them. Powered by advanced image recognition software that deconstructs web pages and images into a series of prioritized tags, AdMarker is constantly polling its RTB partners to update images with more relevant and targeted ads.


Our In-Image platform generates incremental revenue to boost your profits instantly

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Enhance your reader experience

The AdMarker platform was built to address the issue of invasive, annoying and irrelevant ads. It accomplishes this with an innovative new hidden ad type that piques the reader's interest with a pulsing pin inside a site's image. The ad within the image is only revealed when users show interest by hovering their mouse over the pin.


Maintain your brand's integrity

AdMarker was created for the media brands of tomorrow who are looking for sustainable ways to monetize their content without sacrificing brand equity. AdMarker ads help publishers build trust with their readers by offering them a more congruent brand experience where they control the ads displayed on their properties.


Generate more revenue per visit

AdMarker creates an entirely new revenue stream for publishers using the ad inventory contained within their images. With an estimated 40% of a site's total page space, this adds up to significant potential ad profits. Installation is 100% free, and all a publisher needs to do to get started is add a piece of code to their site.